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Home remedy for removing varicose veins permanently

Most think that only surgery can help with the treatment of varicose veins. How many would agree that apple cider vinegar can not only help deal with it? But can also treat varicose veins?

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Consider fat loss instead of weight loss and see effective results

How to learn being more grateful and why you should do it.

It is said that being grateful has tremendous health benefits. Are you grateful? Do you know why it is good to be grateful? It is a sure fact that in life we both find a lack and an abundance.

Home remedy that promotes hair growth

If you are one of the people that worry about the health of your hair. This article is just for you. As I am sharing a natural safe home remedy that has so many nutrients for your hair. All you need is two ingredients. You probably have it already in your kitchen.

Heart health changes that should be implemented daily

Your heart. I am not thinking of your feelings or your love for someone. But about heart health. It does affect everyone especially if we don't choose a healthy lifestyle.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sore muscles. Try this bath soak

Having sore muscles can be much more than just painful. It can affect how we do everything. Mobility can be affected. We do everything slower, much slower. So why wait for it to recover if you can make this home made bath soak for sore muscles.

Best thing about it. It is made at home and considered safe. You need only 4 ingredients and off course a container. This is a dry mixture so best to make sure it can not be in contact with any moisture.

Bath mixture for sore muscles.

Half cup milk powder
One cup Epsom salt
One cup sea salt
Half cup baking soda.

Mix all the ingredients together and use it when you want to take a warm relaxing bath. Epsom salt works wonders for sore muscles. So don't be surprised when the aches seem to disappear. 

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