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Home remedy for removing varicose veins permanently

Most think that only surgery can help with the treatment of varicose veins. How many would agree that apple cider vinegar can not only help deal with it? But can also treat varicose veins?

Consider fat loss instead of weight loss and see effective results

Consider fat loss instead of weight loss and see effective results

How to learn being more grateful and why you should do it.

It is said that being grateful has tremendous health benefits. Are you grateful? Do you know why it is good to be grateful? It is a sure fact that in life we both find a lack and an abundance.

Home remedy that promotes hair growth

If you are one of the people that worry about the health of your hair. This article is just for you. As I am sharing a natural safe home remedy that has so many nutrients for your hair. All you need is two ingredients. You probably have it already in your kitchen.

Heart health changes that should be implemented daily

Your heart. I am not thinking of your feelings or your love for someone. But about heart health. It does affect everyone especially if we don't choose a healthy lifestyle.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Home remedies to help alleviate pains associated with PMS Premenstrual syndrome

Some have mild symptoms. Others suffers severely. But all women know that it is not a happy time. From your teen years to the next stage in your life you deal with this issue. Yes I am talking of PMS as women call it. But mostly known as premenstrual syndrome. So what can help to relieve the symptoms? Many look for medication to cope with the cramps. Mild to severe cramps can be most uncomfortable. But here is a few simple home remedies and added advice too

For other ways to help deal with menstrual cycle and cramps. Please follow this link.

If you drink ginger tea you will help to soothe the aches and pains. Take ginger that is grated and boil in water for 5 minutes. Strain and add honey. Drink this a few times during the day.

Apple cider vinegar
Take a glass of water and add 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar. Drink a few time during the day.

Vitamins and minerals
Calcium helps because it helps to balance your hormone levels. Thus relieving symptoms of PMS
Magnesium is effective as it helps by reducing PMS symptoms such as bloating headaches and migraines caused by PMS. Fluid retention and tender breasts can also be alleviated. 

Leafy green vegetables, beans, seeds nuts as well as bananas is filled with  the needed nutrients that your body need during this time. 

Blackstrap molasses
Blackstrap molasses is full of calcium and magnesium and many more nutrients. So good to consider it too. Just take a spoonful with a glass of milk daily 

I know it is the time you feel like exercise can be the worst thing. But exercise can help to alleviate pains. As long as it is mild exercise and as an added bonus you will feel much more fit. 

So with these home remedies you can help to alleviate the pains and aches. I really hope this helps
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Friday, 21 April 2017

The natural way to get a face lift with home remedies

We tend to think that a face lift means going for cosmetic procedures. But the truth is with a little know how you can do it at home. With the safe and simple way you can pamper your skin.

Take two eggs. Whisk it together and add 1 tablespoon sugar. Apply on face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. Doing this daily is nature giving you a natural safe face lift.

Just by combining banana and cream you can have another great way to pamper your skin. Leave it on your skin for a few minutes then wash your face with lukewarm water. 

Honey and fruit
Honey (raw) is such a treat for your skin. But when you add fruit. Now that is a celebration. So with that in mind I am sharing a few suggestions. When you combine raw organic honey fruits (such as apple, strawberries, grapes and pear.) You can give your face that treatment it may need or want. First apply the honey on your freshly cleansed face. Now layer the fruit on top of the honey. Leave it on for twenty minutes. You lay back and relax. After 20 minutes you can wash your face with warm water.

Always remember
After you cleaned your face always apply your favorite moisturizer. Never use hot water on your face as it is damaging for your skin as well as remove oils your skin needs.

Why not make it ladies time out? In the end you will all feel more radiant beautiful and younger. Go ahead. Pamper yourself

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I hope you found this article helpful.
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Natural ways to treat incontinence that works effectively

It is something many worry about or fear. Because of this condition you may not even want to go out. Yes not even considering to go outside or discover the outside world. Not knowing what to do or how to cope with it. I am talking of urinary incontinence. It can be a leaky bladder to a complete inability to control urine. Yet so many suffer and stay silent. Today I am sharing helpful and effective home remedies that will help those who suffer with this dreaded problem.

Eat foods rich in vitamin D and magnesium as these will help with urinary problems. It can effectively eliminate the problem or improve it.

Buchu is a herb that can help for bladder incontenince.You have to boil buchu for 5 to 10 minutes. Leave it to steep for 2 minutes. Strain and drink the water every day. It will help with all types of incontinence. Effective to treat incontinence.

Kegel exercises 
Doing kegel exercises daily can help to control your bladder. Repeat this 10 to 12 times daily and you will be amazed at the results. The intention of these exercises is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. (Please refer to the image to see the different types of exercises.) Also it is one of the best ways to fight bladder incontinence.

I hope this article helps you if you suffer with this condition. Please share so others can benefit from this advice too. If you have any tips comments or suggestions. Feel free to comment below or contact us.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Natural home remedies to fight colds and flu

As some parts of the world now celebrate seasons changing. Feeling weather improve, becoming warmer and much more pleasant. Other parts of the world start to experience cool to cold weather. Colds and flu becomes a reality and everyone knows to boost immunity. But it can happen suddenly and you wake up feeling awful. Or even with sudden weather changes you are prone to colds and flu. So with that in mind I am sharing natural home remedies for colds and flu.

Ginger has so many benefits. To read about the benefits of ginger. You can read it here . Clearly there is no doubts how beneficial ginger is for health. Not only can it help soothe a sore throat. But it can also help alleviate symptoms of colds and flu.

Honey is one of the favorites mentioned here. Because it has numerous benefits for so many issues. Feel free to read about it here. You will be amazed and find new reasons to have honey at home. But for now. Let us get back to this article. Because honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Honey is soothing for a sore throat. At the same time honey is great for relieving cough symptoms. 
Never give honey to an infant under the age of one year. It is beneficial to older children or babies. But as honey contains botulinum spores. Their immune systems aren't able to handle the digestion of honey. Please always keep that in mind with an infant under one year.

Yes it had to mentioned. It is said if you use garlic regularly you may even avoid colds and flu. Garlic is one of natures best kept secrets for immune system. Because garlic contains allicin, it may have antimicrobial properties. But the research is still being done to find out about how exactly it is good against colds and flu. But as it has such wonderful attributes. Adding garlic will improve your health in many ways. Other benefits of garlic can be found here.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is vital in the fight against illnesses. So good to remember to eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C. (Such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, all citrus fruit. strawberries raspberries blackcurrants, pineapple and many more). Even some herbs are filled with Vitamin C  Other ways to learn more about Vitamin C can be read here

These are just a few natural ways to help soothe your throat and improve your immune system in the fight against colds and flu. Always remember when you feel you are not well. At the first signs of a cold. Why not consider a home remedy and you may save yourself from experiencing the worst of colds and flu.

I hope this article helped you. Please share so others can benefit from it too. If you have any suggestions comments or something you want to share. Feel free to comment below or contact us.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Home remedies that works for sore throat

If you have a sore throat and you need relief fast. There is a few trusted home remedies that works. This painful condition can keep you awake the whole night. So if ever you find yourself in this situation here is a few home remedies you can consider if you have a sore throat.

Salt water
Half teaspoon salt
Glass of warm water

Add the salt to the warm water and mix. Gargle this mixture every three hours. This mixture helps to reduce swelling as well as keeping your throat clean from bacteria.

Baking soda and salt  
1 cup warm water, 
1/4 teaspoon baking soda, 
1/8 teaspoon of salt

Pour luke warm water in a glass and add a teaspoon full of this mixture to it. Gargle this mixture 3 times a day and feel the relief. If you gargle this mixture not only do you kill the bacteria in the throat, but you will prevent the growth of yeast or fungi in your throat.

Honey and ginger
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon powdered ginger
Juice only one half of squeezed lemon
Half cup hot water

Start by adding the ginger in a glass. Now add the water. Then the lemon juice and last the honey. Now use this as a gargle. Remember that honey is good for sore throat as it has antibacterial properties.
You can also take honey in your tea if that is what you would prefer.

Chamomile tea
Because chamomile tea has anti inflammatory properties, as well as being a great antioxidant you can consider it for a sore throat. It is truly one of the oldest herbs that is used for medicine, especially for sore throat. Some studies suggest that just by inhaling the steam from chamomile may help to relieve cold symptoms which usually includes a sore throat. But if you drink chamomile tea you boost your immune system as an added benefit. 

I hope this helps if you find yourself with a sore throat. If you have any advice suggestions or comments. Feel free to comment below or contact us. Please share and help others who may suffer with a sore throat.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Home remedies that works for insomnia and improve sleep

You may know the feeling. Watching time pass. 1 am 2 am and so it continues. Wishing to just sleep but unable to do it. So many people are affected by insomnia. It is frustrating and can absolutely be difficult. Then waking up after that struggle and feeling sleep deprived.  I am one of the many affected by it. So there is a few options of how to cope with it. Can live like this, which isnt really an option. Can get medication and have side effects from the medication. Or can search ways that is safe and natural. As well as educate myself how to cope with it. So if you are one of the millions affected with insomnia. Take this journey with me. And hopefully by the end if this article. We will know how to cope better with sleeplessness.

Sleeping or resting is the time the body use to recover from the day. It is to revitalize and help heal your body. But if rest is affected. It is an absolute nightmare. Feeling sluggish and tired all day. Focus isnt as it should be. And in the long run health is affected. So let us look at a few natural home remedies.

Lavender essential oil.
It is not even slightly surprising to see it mentioned as a home remedy. As it has a soothing impact on the body. Calming soothing and relaxing effect. All you need to do is take cotton ball and pour a few drops on the cotton ball. Now massage your forehead and temples before you sleep. The smell of the lavender will be calming and help you to sleep.

Warm milk
Think about the movies you may have seen. That was given to someone that can not sleep. Seems there was some truth in that. It soothes the mind and relaxes the body. Milk helps to enhance and improve health. If you prefer you can add one or two teaspoons honey to your warm glass of link.

Bananas is rich in amino acids. That in turn helps to generate and manufacture serotonin. Which basically means that it causes you to feel sleepy. So if you eat one or two bananas before bed it will have a slumbering effect.

Valerian capsules.
If you consider this herb it means that you take a very natural herb that can actually help your mind. but without the side effects of the products that is available. Just take two capsules an hour before bed. 

Passion flower tablets
Passion blossom is another natural herb that can help you to sleep. As it is mid it means that there isnt a risk to using it. It can be taken in pills or capsules. For a good night's rest it is recommended to use 4000mg to 8000mg for a peaceful night's rest. But please take note not to use more than the prescribed amount as it will cause you to oversleep.

These are all natural ways to help you to get the proper rest you need. But now I want to discuss a few things to remember. Habits to be mindful off. 

Yes it should not be a surprise that it is mentioned. As it has clearly become a very bad habit for so many. But when it is used to much it decreases the melatonin production in the body, melatonin  helps the body to sleep. Also good to switch the phone off as the light does affect your sleep at night

Foods to be mindful of
As much as we love the sweet and spicy foods. It can cause aggravation for your belly. So you will end up tossing and turning the whole night. When thinking of chocolate then remember just like caffeine it affects your resting receptors. So you end up struggling to sleep.

Smaller meal portions
If you have large meals before bed. You can feel overfull or quite full. For your body 4 hours is considered time needed to be absorbed into the body. so when you eat big meals your stomach has not quite worked with the foods. Keeping you awake. 

Personally. I love lavender essential oil. It is soothing and calming. So I always have some when needed.

These are just a few suggestions to improve your sleeping habits. As well as mine. Thanks for taking this journey with me. If you have any suggestions or comments you want to share. Please comment below. 
Please share so others can benefit from it too

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Check this and see how you can combat hair loss with this home remedy

If you are one of the many who suffer from hair loss. You know it can be absolutely devastating. It does affect self confidence and creates a feeling of helplessness. So you may go and try so many products hoping that at least one of them works. But this home remedy is effective and helps hair to grow. It is said to even help those who has lose hair due to cancer treatment. As it still encourages hair growth and strengthens hair at the same time.

Bergamot essence can be added to shampoo. All you have to do is wash your hair every day. No long routine needed. No need to apply and leave it. Just wash your hair with the shampoo and see the results for yourself.

Or if you want to help your hair with a great treatment. You will need 3 products

For a spritz
Half bottle bay rum
Half bottle bergamot essence
One ampule of placenta

For a treatment
You can add it to your shampoo and add another ampule of placenta to your shampoo also. Wash your hair with the shampoo that has the treatment in.

This effective home remedies helps with circulation on the scalp. Strengthen hair and at the same time encourages hair growth. This home remedy works. But if you feel you want to try another great way to help with hair growth. Feel free to check here
Please note
If you use the essential oil instead of the essence please only use a few drops and remember it is very important to use a carrier oil such as coconut oil. 

I hope this article helps if you or someone you know suffer with hair loss. Or even if you want to help your hair to grow and be stronger. 

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This weird home remedy is very effective for cold sore treatment

Getting a cold sore isn't only disturbing but can also cause embarrassment. It can make you uncomfortable. So if you want a safe home remedy to get rid of that cold sore easily and effectively. Why not consider this home remedy? 

I usually get one at least once a year. To say it is frustrating would be putting it mildly. If I try to get rid of the cold sore. It just gets worse. So I know how uncomfortable cold sores can be. This home remedy is unusual. But it is really effective. Best of all. You probably have the ingredient in your kitchen. Especially if you love to bake. You may think it is strange but it works. So what am I going on about? What is the product I am talking of? 

Vanilla essence
Yes the same vanilla essence you use to when baking. All you have to do is apply it on the cold sore. You can use a cotton wool soaked in vanilla essence. Or use a cotton bud and apply on the cold sore. Do this at least every thirty minutes. For as long as needed. But this is so effective you will tell others how strange this home remedy is. Just do this a few times daily and see that cold sore disappear. It should disappear within 24 hours.

I wish I knew about this earlier. But now I know and share it with you.
Please share so others can know about it too.
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