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Hi everyone.
Welcome on Lifestyle Tips For All👋
Allow me to introduce myself
But at the same time also what you can expect to find on here
My name is Hester Fritz

I wanted to find ways that I could improve the lives of my loved ones. So I started doing research
But at the same time I discovered that wonderful mother nature has so many ways to improve our lives. And also to protect our bodies and improve appearance at the same. Think about it. Isnt that what everything is about? A healthy happy lifestyle. A life that is lived with purpose and it's fulfilling.

I discovered that where others would tell you that only surgery could work. There is safer cheaper ways to improve what ever problem there is. Well most problems actually. Take for example how to get rid of varicose veins permanently. If you didn't know any better, you would think the only ways is surgery But with knowledge you will discover that you can get rid of it safely. With some TLC (tender loving care) from mother nature. This will fall under label home remedies.

Or you may feel you are tired of looking at dark marks on your skin. But dont know how to get rid of it. Sure there is creams you can use. Or you can look at skin treatments. But with some research you will discover a safe natural effective way to treat dark marks. As an example consider Lemon and honey face mask . Effective and does so much more than just removing dark marks. The result is radiant skin that fights wrinkles and dark marks. This one will be included in beauty

But what about DIY (do it yourself) projects. Making your own bath salts to your liking. Your fragrance or for whatever purpose you want to use bath salts. How to make your own bath pampering products at home. Now this can be so fascinating. If you feel you are sad. There is a recipe just for you. Or you want to just relax. There is one for you. 

But as this is also a lifestyle site. There is something on here that everyone is concerned about. Yes that is safety. Consider the article Keeping your children safe. Being aware makes a huge difference. It is advice. Being aware of your surroundings is so important these days. Protecting our loved ones is off so much importance. But I am sure you already know it. And fully agree.

And then there is advice on relationships. Consider this advice if you want to know more. I have been asked so many times what should a guy do when he is interested in a girl. How does he approach her? I recall giving a man once advice and on his date, he called me to say its going great. I told him I am happy but he should focus on her now. We can talk later. That is her time. 

Then there is just plain knowledge. As seen with the herbs posted. Why would I post about that, you may wonder? Because health is important and its fascinating to discover what benefits herbs has.

And it is expanding and increasing over time. Sharing advice and tips on improving life. For men and women. Health affects everyone. Doesnt it? Our lives, it is a precious gift. it should not be lived just to get through the day. Many forget that and lose the beauty that life has to offer. 

So I hope that on here you will discover the answer you are looking for. If not. Please contact us or comment below.


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