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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Quick efficient ways to relieve headaches.

Imagine for a moment. It is the middle of the night. You have a numbing painful headache that feels like it is getting worse with every passing second. You look in your medicine cabinet. And oh no. Nothing. You feel like that headache is still getting worse. And you know you can not cope. Thinking that in the morning you can get something for that headache. Nope. Not an option. You need relief now. Have you ever experienced this? Yes I have. So with that in mind. I share effective ways to help relieve that headache. 

Acupressure points.
All these images shows you pressure points that can help to relieve your headache. Now do not be surprised that it works. Remember that your whole body is connected as one whole organ. Certain places, or as some would call it. Pressure points in your body helps to alleviate headache. What this means for you is. You have to hold any of these pressure points firmly (shown in image). But not hard that it is painful on the specific pressure points. Just firm enough to help relieve your headache. Massaging gently. It can be from one minute to five minutes. Depending on the severity of the headache.

If you are dehydrated. Your body tells you that something is wrong by causing headache. So you need to make sure that you are hydrated. So drink water. Or if you do not like water. Eat foods that is rich in water. 

How much time is needed for a proper night's rest? If you do not get enough sleep. This can also be a reason for suffering from headache. But that does not mean you should sleep more than 9 hours. As it is also known to cause headaches if you sleep for too long. Remember 7 to 9 hours is enough.

Cold compress
Using a cold compress can help with a headache because it helps to decrease inflammation. It also slows nerve conduction and tighten blood vessels. What you need to do. Take a bag that is waterproof. Fill it with ice. Wrap towel around it. Place it on either neck temples or head. Depending on where the pain is. Effective pain relief. This also works well for sprains and pains on the knee leg or other places.    

Coffee lovers will love this home remedy. Because coffee can also help to relieve headaches. Why? you may wonder. Coffee tightens blood vessels too. Making it highly effective to be considered a home remedy for headache. And you never knew this would be a favorite. With or without headaches. But at the same time. Too much coffee can also cause headaches. So it is important to be balanced with your coffee intake. 

Stay active.
By staying active you can reduce headaches. At the same time you will get headache relief just by staying active. Scientific studies showed that people who made use of indoor cycling 3 times a week was more relaxed and at the same time had less headaches than their counterparts who was inactive. If you are not  a very active person. Your risk for headaches increase significantly. It can be as simple as walking more. Increase the amount of steps you take daily. It does not have to be specific forms of activity. 

Hot water bottle
If you suffer from a tension headache. This is known to cause stiff shoulders. Increasing pain from shoulders to neck to headache in its full forms.And cause extremely painful headaches.You can use a warm water bottle filled with warm water. Place it on your shoulders to neck to help relieve this type of headache.   

I hope all these highly effective home remedies helps with headache relief. Please share so others can benefit from this post too. Creating a headache free environment for all. 
If you have any questions comments or suggestions. Feel free to comment below or contact us. 

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