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Home remedy for removing varicose veins permanently

Most think that only surgery can help with the treatment of varicose veins. How many would agree that apple cider vinegar can not only help deal with it? But can also treat varicose veins?

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

What I did that worked for varicose veins

After receiving tremendous response on the article to remove varicose veins permanently I decided to share what I did. That worked! As well as explain a few things. Now many may feel no or may think why do it.  But for me. Time is something I do not have much off. I am sure many can agree with that also. Between my busy schedule and family. I can not see myself sitting for half an hour sitting and holding cotton wool. So after long consideration. I decided what I can do that will be effective for me. And yes it does work. Bare with me I will explain what I did.

I was about 20 when I first discovered that I like many others suffer from varicose veins. I thought I will have to live with it. And for a while I tried to make peace with that. So understand that you are talking to someone that knows exactly how it feels and how embarrassing it is. Not to mention it can be extremely painful as well. I covered my legs like most will that suffer from it. Going for surgery isnt something I would consider. Till one day I discovered there is natural solutions to help with it.

So to really make sure it can not happen again. It means that we have to think about our life styles and habits. Long standing or even being overweight can be a sure cause of varicose veins. Poor blood circulation is the culprit that causes varicose veins. As well as leaky valves. Blood circulation is so important and especially more when you suffer from this condition.  Why we get varicose veins will explain about a few things that has to do with varicose veins and what to do.

What you will need and what to do
Paper towel
Apple cider vinegar with mother of earth enzyme (Bragg is one example)

With all that bare in mind that exercise is important as it improves blood circulation. 

I took paper towel and poured some apple cider vinegar on it. That soaked paper towel I placed on the specific area that had the varicose veins. I wrapped it with bandage. Put on pants to make sure it stays covered well and that it can not move. I went to sleep and the next morning I washed the affected area. Only to repeat it the next night. First thing I noticed is that on busy days my legs would feel painful. That changed the first day as I too tend to be busy and on my legs most of the day. It took time but I could see the varicose veins slowly go away.

Now many may say no and it doesnt work or other comments. It worked for me. And because of that I am sharing it with all who do suffer from it.

You can also check out the article on alternative home remedies and foods to consider. It may give a few ideas or ideas that will help with the condition.

I hope this may give you a few ideas or that it works for you. Please share so others can benefit from it. Feel free to comment below or email us. If you have any suggestions feel to respond.

Alternative home remedies that works for varicose (spider) veins. And foods that helps

After receiving tremendous response on the article to remove varicose veins permanently  I have decided to give a few other home remedies and foods that may help with the treatment for those who suffer from varicose veins. So with that in mind allow me to explain a few things. 

First thing to realize is that what you do matters. The way you sit really does matter. What you wear matters. When standing  for long periods of time. It does affect your legs and it can cause varicose veins. What you must remember about varicose veins is the real problem is veins does have valves. One way valves. It is supposed to make sure that blood flow goes one way only. But when the valves becomes weak. It causes leaky valves.That is when this condition occurs. As blood gets accumulated in veins instead of moving along to go through to the heart. it causes the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins

Some reasons for varicose (Spider) Veins can be 
Being inactive
When hormones is not balanced
Standing for long periods of time

Eating some type of foods may help treat varicose veins
Foods that has high fibre content as it helps to avoid or cure constipation which takes away pressure from the veins.
Cayenne pepper as it helps with blood circulation
Vitamin E rich foods as it aids circulation as well as contains a herb that has high capsaicin. So consider leafy green vegetables almonds and sunflower seeds as it has high Vitamin E content
Berries such as blueberries raspberries that is full of flavonoids. It helps to strengthen veins. Green tea is also full of flavonoids.
Seeds such as flax seeds and chia seeds that is rich in omega 3 fats. Relieving stress on veins.

Foods that cause spider (varicose veins)
Sugar as it leads to weight gain and it can cause inflammation.
Caffeine as it causes dehydration so it is not good for your veins. 
Alcohol should be avoided for that same reason as caffeine
Processed foods as it makes varicose veins worse by increasing toxins in the body. Sadly these foods doesn't have much nutritional value for your body.   

Again I repeat a few top remedies that works for varicose veins, as well as spider veins.

Horse chestnut. Take 100 mg a day
Reduces swelling and strengthen veins
Butcher's broom. Take 200 mg a day.
It helps to reduce inflammation in the veins
Grape seed extract. Take 200 mg a day
It helps to strengthen vein walls
Vitamin E. Take 400mg a day
It is a natural thinner of blood
Bilberry. Take 160mg 2 times a day
Helps to increase blood circulation
Witch hazel can be used to help remove the appearance of varicose veins. By applying it as a topical treatment. Same as with Apple cider vinegar with mother of earth enzyme.

Why we get varicose veins will explain about a few things that has to do with varicose veins and what to do. You can read it if you feel like it.

Treat the problem. And you will find that you cured the condition as well. Or as some would say cure the real underlying problem and you will cure the condition as well. 

I hope this article answered your questions as well as gave a few other alternatives that will work for you. Please share so others can benefit from this article as well 

If you have any comments suggestions that worked for you or queries feel free to comment below or send an email. 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Keeping warm on those cold cold days

Winter time can be pleasant for many. But at the same time we realize we miss the warmer days. Especially when night falls and the cold sets in. So with that in mind I am sharing a few tips to stay warm. But also safely warm.

If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace dont be afraid to use it. Off course safety is important. So if you can not use it with safety then rather avoid that. Although I have to say I think that is one very cozy way to have the family together around a fireplace. Thinking of all those family movies that shows a very delightful time. Yes time spent well indeed.

Using a heater
If you feel it is a good to use a heater. Remember the three feet rule. Stay a distance away from it. And make sure that it isnt a hazard to your family or health either.

Electric blanket
I dont think there is anything quite as nice as getting into a warm bed on a cold evening. It is cost effective as most tend to save power in some way. But at the same time it can keep the chills away too. But do to take note of all the safety measures and precautions.

Dont forget to layer up
To wear an extra shirt or leggings is a good way to protect yourself from the cold weather. Consider gloves or mittens. If it is very cold use a hat also. Dont be too shy to think of winter socks. Nothing quite as painful as cold painful feet and toes.

Warmer foods
It is good to consider hot coffee or tea. Or hot chocolate drinks. As well as soup or spicy food to help keep you warm during those cold winter nights.

Alcohol is a no no
Yes I know some will say but,,, It feels warm. Sorry people the fact is that alcohol actually decreases your body's core temperature. A study done by Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine showed that your body loses the ability to shiver when drinking alcohol. Yes alcohol can make you sweat even when it is very cold. That obviously cools your core temperature too. So next time leave the alcohol and go for the hot drinks that will help you stay warm.

Layer your covers and blankets
Start with your cozy fuzzy and warm blankets first. And putting your thin dense blankets last to help  make sure that heat wont escape. Keeping your bed warm and cozy.

Bake and cook to your heart's content
Using the oven helps spread heat through out the house. Making it pleasant and warm.

Remember a warm bottle
Always a good idea to use a bottle to help keep cold weather away. If you don't have one. Take a two litre bottle that is rounded and nice. Like a Coke bottle. And fill it with hot tap water. Now use that. You will be surprised as it keeps you warm but at the same time it lasts for hours. I still do this every winter. Or even on cold days.

Staying dry
It is very important to stay dry if it is cold and rainy weather. So dont forget to use a raincoat or an umbrella. 

And one of my favorites.
If it is very cold outside and its just slowly crawling up your spine. Consider a nice warm bath. Nothing beats the chills quite like that. I dont think of showers when it is cold. I think of soothing warm baths. Where all that ice cold coolness is slowly drained and all that is left is a pleasant warm feeling from the bath

These are just a few simple ways to stay warm on cold days. But it is effective against freezing cold weather. Life is a learning process after all. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful. I sure did. As it is winter and very cold here.  

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to comment below or contact us.
Please share so others can benefit from this article too

Monday, 5 June 2017

Body wrap for effective weight loss DIY

Consider this only if you think of losing weight for that special day or date. This works but lasts maybe one or two days. The secret is losing water weight. If fat loss is your goal. This doesnt helps you lose body fat. Although some will say that Vicks can help with fat burning. Don't hesitate to consider this effective home remedy. It is a full DIY project. Not only is this simple to do. But also a very cost effective version of the more expensive treatments that you can get.

But with all that said. Many will swear by the effectiveness of the body wrap. There is a variety of ways you can do a body wrap. It can be as simple as only 3 items to much more items needed. The choice is yours.

3 Item body wrap for weight loss

  • Plastic wrap
  • Body lotion/Vicks Vaporub
  • Bandage

  • First start by applying a thick coat of body lotion or Vicks Vaporub on the area you want to reduce inches on the desired area. It should not be rubbed in completely!
  • Now use the plastic wrap and apply it on the area. Wrap it around the entire area a few times. Make sure it is tightly but dont forget you will have this on the whole night. So just comfortably snug is advised (Areas such as upper arms, tummy thighs)
  • Now wrap the bandage around to secure the wrap in place. Cover the plastic completely
  • Go to sleep and see the results the next morning.

You can use either body lotion or Vicks Vaporub. The camphor in Vicks Vaporub can be used to helps stimulate fat burning. But many will tell you this is not a permanent solution for weight loss. As it will only work for a short time. Maybe one or two days. As it helps your body lose water weight. Which will be recovered as you rehydrate. Yes rehydrating is very important for your body as it needs water to function properly.

It is still a way to lose weight. But most important. Never forget that a sensible diet and exercise is vital and most effective for weight loss. Also take note that losing water weight means dehydrating as it is just helping your body lose water weight. So it can easily return as well. So a sensible lifestyle is vital for weight loss.

Please note!!!
This body wrap is not recommended for someone that is diabetic, has high blood pressure, if you are pregnant or if you suffer from any medical condition. For safety please consult your physician or doctor first.

If you have any questions comments or suggestions. Feel free to comment below or contact us.
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