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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Making your own Scoby for Kombucha at home

As the last article mentioned today we will discuss making Kombucha. But after intitial thoughts I decided it is best to discuss how to make your own scoby for Kombucha. Which is off course the most important part of Kombucha tea. The big secret. You can purchase scoby or get at least a quarter from anyone you know. But I think it is best to give an article on growing your own scoby for Kombucha.
Please read the previous article if you want to make your own Kombucha. As it is good to know the precautions to take before making this wonderful and healthy tea at home.

Process to make Scoby for Kombucha.

It is vital to purchase a bottle of raw unflavored Kombucha. As that is what you need to grow your own scoby. Also known as mother of mushroom. Pour the kombucha into a container or jar. Preferably glass. Now leave this aside for now as we continue the next step. 

Use a separate container, jar or cup to make your own tea. Make 1 cup tea. Whether it is green tea, black tea or rooibos. It is your personal preference. As each has their own unique health benefits. Pour hot water into container. (just 250 ml to 300 ml will be enough) Now add sugar. 2 table spoons should be enough. The sugar is a vital part of the process. The scoby feeds on the sugar so do not leave the sugar out of this process! Leave it to cool down until it reaches room temperature. When it is cooled down add the freshly made tea to the Kombucha. Now make sure to cover the container with a dish towel. You can use a coffee filter too if you prefer. But make sure it is sealed tightly with a rubber band. This whole process should be kept very hygienic and clean! 

Place the tea in a warm spot. Temperature should be between 68 to 85ºF . (20 to 29ºC) But out of direct sunlight. It must be left for at least 7 days so a new scoby can form. After a week you should see what is called a baby scoby as it develops on the surface. 
So how should it look? 

A Scoby when it is starting to develop looks translucent and clear. But as time passes it start to change color looking less translucent and clear, white and thicker. It starts to look like gelatin. Leave the scoby to form till it is at least a quarter inch thick before making your own Kombucha. This process can take a month. If after three weeks you dont see a scoby forming you can throw you can start this process over. 

Next article will share the Kombucha recipe. As the first article mentioned why it is good to make Kombucha. Also the precautions. This article is about the process to make the scoby that is need to Kombucha. And the next article will be about the process to make your own Kombucha at home. With the scoby we just created. 

I hope this article and the other articles helps you in attaining better health. But also a more rewarding lifestyle. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Feel free to comment below or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Our readers.  

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