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Monday, 5 September 2016

Upper lip hair removal that is permanent and effective

If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from upper lip hair. You realize it is frustrating. There is many different techniques available that works for it. Or worse they don't work. What about a natural home remedy that will work effectively? 

Turmeric is known to be used in many beauty treatments
So with that in mind it wont be strange to be used in this permanent hair removal method

Milk and turmeric
  • One table spoon turmeric
  • One tablespoon milk
  • Mix together
  • Apply on upper lip.
  • Leave to dry
  • Rub off and wash your face with cold water

Water and turmeric

  • One tablespoon water
  • One tablespoon turmeric
  • Mix together in a bowl
  • Apply on lip hair
  • Leave for the minutes
  • Rub it gently off and wash face

You will notice that if you do this for a few weeks, usually four weeks. There wont be new hair growth on your upper lip. Thus permanently removed. 

Egg white

  • One egg white
  • Small amount of sugar and corn flour
  • Mix it together so it makes a paste that is sticky.
  • Apply on upper lip hair area
  • Leave to dry for 30 minutes and gently peel it off
  • Best advice is to use this method twice a week. You will see improvements within a month.
  • Hair growth will be reduced greatly. 

As mentioned before egg whites is wonderful for skin. But it is also a wonderful way to get rid of upper lip hair.

These are a few suggestions that works effectively in hair removal that is safe and natural

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  1. Try drinking spearmint(herb)tea. Boil the spearmint in water. 5 minutes long. Strain and drink everyday.


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