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Monday, 14 December 2015

Natural treatment remedy to lift sagging breasts

For most women sagging breasts is a serious concern. Then starts the wondering if expensive procedures is the only solution. Not even mentioning the amounts of pain that goes with fixing it. But today I am sharing a home remedy that is effective in firming breasts. Giving it the perfect shape. Are you interesting in knowing what will work? This method will keep breasts firm, making them look perfect.

1 Vitamin E  tablet
1 table spoon pure honey
One egg white
And a bowl to mix the ingredients together

Start by taking the honey, egg white and the vitamin E tablet. Mixing it in the bowl. Making a paste to apply on the skin.  Now apply it on your breasts. Remember to massage your breasts for three to five minutes. Making sure the mixture is absorbed. 
After the mixture is absorbed you can wear a bra. Remember you will have to leave the mixture on for 30 to 40 minutes on your skin. 
After the time expired you can rinse your breasts with warm water.

If you do this daily  you should see a difference within 1 week.

 Extra tips
Always use fresh paste on skin. 
Never use left over mixture.

There isn't a real time limit to leave it on your skin.
You can use this mixture as many times as you want.

For women breastfeeding this recipe isn't advised.
Pregnant women shouldn't use this mixture either.

There is exercises to consider too.
If you want to make sure your breasts stay firm and in shape.
Unfortunately breasts doesn't have muscles that can be exercised to help breasts shape up.
But with some focus and commitment you should see results


Hod your arms high in the air. As if you want to reach and take something in the air.
Leave your arms in the air for a few seconds.
Do this about 15 times daily
You should see a difference in a short time.

There is other methods like swimming. Great way to form up breasts
Then there is the exercises that is focused on other upper arms.
That tends to help for breasts too

Do this and see the result in no time.
I hope this recipe works for you. It is also good to help avoid breast sagging.

If you know of any other method that can be used for sagging breasts. Or you want to say something that's on your mind. Feel free to comment or contact us. 


  1. Chewing cumin seeds also helps to prevent sagging breasts as well as treat it


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