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Home remedy for removing varicose veins permanently

Most think that only surgery can help with the treatment of varicose veins. How many would agree that apple cider vinegar can not only help deal with it? But can also treat varicose veins?

Consider fat loss instead of weight loss and see effective results

Consider fat loss instead of weight loss and see effective results

How to learn being more grateful and why you should do it.

It is said that being grateful has tremendous health benefits. Are you grateful? Do you know why it is good to be grateful? It is a sure fact that in life we both find a lack and an abundance.

Home remedy that promotes hair growth

If you are one of the people that worry about the health of your hair. This article is just for you. As I am sharing a natural safe home remedy that has so many nutrients for your hair. All you need is two ingredients. You probably have it already in your kitchen.

Heart health changes that should be implemented daily

Your heart. I am not thinking of your feelings or your love for someone. But about heart health. It does affect everyone especially if we don't choose a healthy lifestyle.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Nail art Rainbow effect

Have you ever seen the rainbow?
Could you say where one colour end and another starts?
No I couldn't.
It gradually changes.
Almost like the one colour flows into the other.

If you want that for your stunning nails.
Then here is a way to do it.
That doesn't require much skill.
But still looks great.

Then the sponge technique is a great idea.
It should melt into each other.
That is what makes the sponge technique great and effective.

What ever the choice in colours
It can be stunning and effective
I know I tested it myself

I also get asked about this technique a lot
So here is what you can do if you love it

What you need
You will need sponge.
What ever type you prefer or feel comfortable with.
Nail polish of your choice.
If you prefer your nails to feel smooth.
Then a clear top coat is suggested.

Many suggest to start by applying a base coat before using a sponge.
As seen in the image it is a good idea to apply the colors of your choice on the  piece of sponge.
Then press the sponge onto your nail.
Allow it to dry.
Apply a clear  top coat when it is dry for smoothness.

The image is just an idea of how it should look.
Also how it can look.

Then look how stunning it is

Skill lever required

I know many will love this method as it is easy and yet effective
Please share so others can find out about this also
Feel free to comment or contact us if you have any suggestions

How to repair a broken nail

All us ladies with longer nails have this scenario.

Broken nail can be endless amounts of annoyance
I wouldn't believe it is possible till it happened to me

Yes, so it does include me too

So here is what can help to fix that nail
If it can be fixed
But the good news is that your nail will grow again
Even if it can not be fixed
But for that rare moment it can be fixed
Here is what can be done 

First don't panic. There are a few tricks on how to repair it. 
And you wont have to rush to get a manicure to have it fixed.
Yes you can do it yourself.

Tea bag method

Clear nail polish
Nail clippers
Nail fine
One emptied teabag


Clip the broken nail if its possible. 
Cut as close to the finger as you can. File any snags gently and avoid the split where the nail broke. Cut the teabag to the size of a small patch that will cover the place where the nail is broken. 
Paint the nail clear polish. 
While its still wet and sticky place the trimmed tea bag over the broken part of the nail gently. 
Paint two more layers/coats of nail polish to hide the tea bag. 
I suggest a coloured nail polish
And there it is
You did that yourself and it looks great

Hope it helps all ladies
Please share and help others too
Feel free to comment or contact us 

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Losing fat the natural way with this drink

If you have fat you want to get rid of, 
Then you may want to think about this
It will help eliminate fat, but it is good for health and promote energy too.

Water by itself is a natural way of detoxing.
It hydrates and cleans from inside and gives a radiant appearance on the outside too.


Water 2 litres
Grated ginger, 1 teaspoon. (Must be  freshly grated).
1 Cucumber, sliced.
1 lemon, sliced.
12 spearmint leaves.


Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher. 
Leave in fridge over night. 
Enjoy the next day and see the difference it will make.

You will see the fat melting. 
But you will also discover your appearance will improve.
Now who does not want that?
Your skin will start to look younger and more radiant.
So why not consider it?

Hope this article helps you.
If you have any comments feel free to do that.
If you have any suggestions please feel free to share it with us.
Please share so others can benefit from this article too

Lighten or highlights for dark hair naturally

If you have dark hair, but want to lighten it naturally. 
Or add natural highlights. 
Then I have good news for you. 
I don't like chemicals or hair dyes. 
I prefer more natural ways that isn't damaging to hair. 
So if you are like me,  then you can consider this method as it is made at home. 
No harsh chemicals and it is effective. 
But please note it is for dark hair meaning brown or black. 
I will be posting for reds and blonds too.
If you have blond hair. Please follow the link provided
Natural highlights for blond hair

So what is needed? 
Things you probably have at home already.
Honey contains a small amount if hydrogen peroxide, if you mix it with cinnamon  it will be activated. Do remember this recipe is for longer hair. So if your hair is shorter then you consider that too.

Honey 5 table spoons
Conditioner 5 table spoons
Cinnamon, as much as needed Just to be safe stay with nothing more than 1 table spoon (For anyone that may be looking at the whole bottle)

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl
Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes
Brush hair

Using hair clips you can section your hair.
Making it easier to handle

Remember to start at the bottom in your neck
Working your way up, section at a time

Apply mixture on hair 
Make sure that your hair is tied if it is long after applied the mixture
Cover with shower cap
Leave on overnight
Or you can apply in the morning and leave on for 6 - 8 hours
Wash out the next morning

Cinnamon lightens hair naturally and so does the honey.
But the honey and the conditioner is like a hair treatment for your hair.
No harsh chemicals involved, as mentioned before.

Not only will you have natural highlights in your hair
But you will have given your hair a treatment that makes it soft and shiny too

Effects will be as follows
Blond - some brown highlights, strawberry blond
 Black- lighter shade of brown, red tints. 
Red - red highlights and brown tints. 
Light brown - lighter shade of brown with red tints. 
Dark brown - light brown.

But again as said it is better for dark hair. 
Hope you liked this.
Please share so others know about this method too

Natural way to highlight your hair

This is a natural safe way to lighten your hair creating highlights, no harsh chemicals used. What do you need? 
Everything you may already have at home. 
Use this method regularly for see results, or until satisfied. 
Remember that this method is very safe to use.
In your own home, on any given time that is convenient for you..

Juice of 2 lemons
Conditioner 3 Table spoons
2 Table spoons Olive oil (Extra virgin)

Place all the ingredients mentioned in a spray bottle
Shake the bottle to make sure everything mixed well
Spray on your hair daily especially before you go outside into sunlight
Please remember to leave it in the fridge until needed

Olive oil helps to moisturize hair as lemons may cause dry hair. 
This way you make sure your hair is protected and the conditioner is just an extra precaution and nourishment. 
Lemons help to lighten hair naturally creating the perfect highlights.

There is many different ways to naturally highlight hair and I will focus on them over time. But If you have anything you want to share or feel you want to tell something. We will love to hear from you

Friday, 17 June 2016

Clarifying bath with essential oils DIY

For most of us the time we take when having a bath is more than just a cleansing routine.
It is a way to clear our minds and also balance or clear our minds

Personally I love lavender essential oil

Few drops of that and my mood is calmer and improved
Not even mentioning that it smells so floral too

But now I am sharing a clarifying bath that works
With a few basic essential oils

5 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops sandalwood essential oil or 2 drops patchouli essential oil
2 drops sweet almond oil or 2 drops grape seed essential oil 

Mix all the ingredients with the bath water

Use it only once
As needed the mixture can be mixed again

As you use this. You will see it makes it a difference.
Best of all it is home made natural 
But effective
It works gently

If you like this article please share it
I hope it helps you

Monday, 13 June 2016

DIY bath fizzies

As the previous post was about bath salts
I thought this one can be about time bath time too
After all we do like to change how we do things
Variety can be the space of life

So in this article I am sharing how to make bath fizzies.
It is also known as bath bombs.
Yes as the name implies it will fizz when you add it to bath water
But you will feel the luxurious pampering you craved the whole day
Or maybe it is your wake up bath
Either way I hope it helps

One and half cup baking soda
Half cup citric acid
8 drops of your favourite essential oil
Half teaspoon sweet almond oil. 
You favourite food colouring

Combine all the ingredients together. Press into your favourite mold or muffin pan. Take it from the mold or muffin pan that you chose after it has the desired shape. Wrap with plastic wrap and tie with ribbon of your choice. 

Please Note

Not all types of essential oil is considered safe for contact with skin. So please keep that in mind when using essential oils
Please note that it must say sweet almond oil as it is safe and beneficial for skin. The other varieties isn't as safe for skin.

This can be given as a gift or you can use it yourself. Knowing you made it yourself will make you appreciate it even more. Go ahead. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

If you found this article helpful or interesting. Please share so others can benefit from it too.
Have a thought to share? Feel free to post it or contact us.

DIY Do it yourself bath salts

Did you ever wonder how to make your own bath salts?
I always want to know how to do things myself
The natural way to do things that is intended to benefit and I know exactly what is in the product

Now I am sharing a way that you can pamper yourself and even benefit from your own home made bath salts

Half cup Epsom salts
Half cup Baking soda
Half cup Borax
2 drops of your favourite food colouring
40 drops of your favourite essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together and place in a bottle till needed

Use as desired

Is borax considered safe?

If you are like me and wonder if borax is safe
Yes after doing research it is considered safe and actually good for your every day beauty and health

It is considered a safe and effective supplement and is gaining popularity for everyday use.
Borax is beneficial as a natural and safe way because it is a fungicide, anti-inflammatory and also a detoxifying agent.

Please note
Not all types of essential oil is considered safe for contact with skin. So please keep that in mind when using essential oils

Now I hope that put your mind at ease and you can have your own home made bath salts.
Never forget to pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Please share so others can benefit from it too. If you have any comments you can contact us or feel free to post your comment

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lace nail art DIY

Today I want to share a new but also not so new way of nail art.

No reason to be confused as I will explain it now
For me it is new but for lots of others it is old news.
It is called lace nail art.
Some of you may know it.
But I am now considering the endless possibilities of it.

There is two ways to use when doing this method.

One is the sticker way. 

It is the easier way
Especially if you don't feel very confident with your abilities in doing nail art yourself

Which is applied over the nail.
So it takes a lot of worry and hassle and end result is easier
This image is just one example of what is available
There is many different ways and varieties to suit your own style

But I want to discuss the other way of using lace for nail art.
The do it yourself on your nails method
This is the one I am intrigued with.


Start by taking an old piece of lace and then wrap it around your nail, As seen on the image. Now you can dab the nail polish on with a makeup sponge. 
 And voila you are done.
Beautiful and effective and absolutely looks stunning.

I absolutely love this idea.
I am sure you like it too.
Please share so others can benefit from this also.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Naturally remove age spots with yogurt

Most people that have to deal with dark spots, feel very uncomfortable.
Desperate and frustrated.
Not knowing what to do.
Not knowing what works either.
Well today, I am sharing natural home remedies to help deal with this problem.
That can be done right in the comfort of your own home.

First and always important.
Is to try and avoid what causes dark spots.

Exposure to sunlight
As we age
Skin care that is improper
Lack of vitamins C and / or B12
And many more

Obviously we should try to avoid sunlight. 
Use sunscreen. 
Try to be protected from sunlight. 

Home remedy. Yogurt.

Apply the plain yogurt on the dark spots.
Leave it on for 20 minutes and let it dry.
Then rinse with cold water.

To get instant or improved results. 
It can be applied on the skin and left overnight.

Face pack 
You will need 2 teaspoons of powdered oatmeal.
1 table spoon of plain yogurt.
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice.

Apply on the affected area of the skin.
Leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes.
Rinse of with cold water.
Apply your favorite moisturizer.
For best results continue daily for one to two months. 

Yogurt is a natural way to help lighten dark spots.

If you found this article helpful, please share so others can benefit from it too
Or comment if you know of other ways that can help.

Pampering your hands

Your hands go through lots of things. we don't even think about it. But we use it everyday. For many it is  a  fact that we forget to take care of our hands. We take extra care of making sure our face looks young and youthful. But many can tell age by looking at hands. So. are you taking extra time looking after your hands? 

Make sure to clean them properly. Use warm to hot water, but never scolding hot. Remember too hot water remove natural oils. We don't want that. Use an antibacterial soap. That way we get rid of germs and bacteria. Rub your hands together and make sure to clean your hands and nails properly.

 Use a cream or lotion that is made for hands. Specifically for hands. 
Ladies nothing wrong with a manicure every once in a while. Even if you don't like your nails painted. Then can ask for ca clear polish. As it protect your nails. Or do it yourself.

Do not ever use your nails as a tool. They will break and you don't want that.

Also its a good idea to keep a santizer with you for those moments you wish you had it with you.
Avoid harsh chemicals when working with your hands. Wear gloves when cleaning around the house. It is a good idea to moisturise and then use gloves. The end result is soft hands that looks younger.

Remember your hands also show your age. Just like your face and neck. So good to start doing what is good for them.

Hope this helps and your hands feel and look great.
Please share so others can benefit from this article too

Friday, 3 June 2016

Removing age spots naturally with sandalwood essential oil

Most people that have dark spots, feel very uncomfortable.
Desperate and even frustrated.
Not knowing what to do.
Well today I am sharing natural home remedies to help deal with this problem.
That can be done right from your own home.
But first we reconsider the causes.

First and always important.
Is to try and avoid what causes dark spots.

Exposure to sunlight
As we age over time
Skin care that is improper
Lack of vitamins C and / or B12
And many more

Obviously we should try to avoid sunlight. 
Use sunscreen. 
Try to be protected from sunlight.

Now the natural home remedy for dark spots

Home remedy for dark spots. 

By mixing a few ingredients you can help to eliminate dark spots.
Rose water
Lemon juice

Apply on the affected areas.
Leave on till its dry.
Rinse with cold water.
Repeat daily will help to remove and eliminate dark spots.

You can also apply sandalwood oil every night.
Massage and leave on for improved results.

Sandalwood is known for its wonderful properties as an antibacterial agent.
Also very well known for anti ageing.

I hope this article helped you
Please share so others can benefit from it too

Get rid of cracked dry heels naturally

We tend to take care of our faces, hands and legs.  
But do we take care of our feet? If you were to remove your shoes right now? How would you feel? How would it look? Would you feel like hiding it? 
Or would you feel to show your feet to those who are around?

If you dry cracked heels. Then you probably don't know if you should remove your shoes.
Not even mentioning how painful that can be.
Well today I am sharing two home remedies on how to deal with dry cracked heels.

Rose water and glycerin
Combined it makes skin soft and moistures

First wash your feet with warm water.
Then apply 3 table spoons of glycerin mixed with 1 tablespoon rose water to the areas on your feet that is dry.

Lemon foot soak
When dealing with dry heels. Regular soap may dry your skin, making it much worse.
Try lemon juice to deal with it.
Lemon is rich in vitamin C. Also is a natural astringent.

Add half a cup of lemon juice to a bucket or foot bath
Add warm water.
Soak your feet for 10 minutes.

Personal opinion.
But I had this problem.
I have found that not walking with out shoes may help.
Do not walk around in your home without any shoes.
Wear shoes that keeps your feet and heels covered.
Also it is a great idea to drink lots of fluids.

To keep feet soft and heels moisturized good idea to apply Vaseline just to make sure it stays soft
Hope this helps everyone
Please share so others can benefit from it too
If you know of other ways that can work please share so we can all benefit from it.

Getting rid of scars effectively the natural way

For someone who have scars, its all they see when looking in the mirror. They try to hide it. But what if today I can tell what will help to remove that scars. Would you be interested? I know I would.

Lavender oil.
Directly massage on the scars to help fade into skin. Massage to help absorption.

Vitamin K
Apply it as a cream onto the scars. You may start to see results in as small a time as a few weeks. Use twice daily. Depending on severity of scars it may take months.

Extra 100% virgin olive oil.
Applying olive oil twice daily on scars you should see scars start to fade within a week. It works for stretch marks too.

Vitamin E  
From punctured gel caps. Rub the oil into scars.

Raw honey (organic).
When rubbing onto scars twice a day scars should fade, because of the anti bacterial properties of honey. It isn't recommended for oily skin.

So all these are things you can do at home, with the benefit of using something that will work. Serious scars may take persistence and with the consistent effort it should give good results too. 

This is just a few methods that can be used. It is effective but depending on the age of the scars it may need more time to heal.
I hope this article was helpful and the results is working effectively.
Please share this so others can benefit from this too

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