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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Beading. The fun way to create jewelry

Time to consider another hobby. This one is fun, even for children. With adult supervision off course.
Beading is fun for many different reasons. 

One of them is making jewelry. That is what we will be discussing today. I confess that I love to make my own jewelry. I create what I like. To fit my taste style and personality. It can even be a very good business if that is what you want. 
In fact. I started doing this and when some relatives saw it. They started doing it too. I do it for myself. They do it as a business. It is personal preference.

Where to go for research?
So where would you go if you wanted to create jewelry. The answer is simple. The internet or if you prefer the library. Excellent too. But I prefer the internet. Because of the huge variety available. Different ways, methods and styles. If you have never done this. I can think of the perfect place to research this interesting topic. With step by step instructions. in fact. You will be guided step by step. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

The answer is simple. Youtube. Just type beading for beginners. You will be stunned at how popular beading is. And the different ideas and designs. 

The other thing you have to consider is the supplies. So feel free to do research on what exactly you want to spend. It can be products that isn't expensive. Or if you want a more glamorous look. You will find the right items. If you looked on Youtube they always say what items is needed to make whatever item they are creating. 

Also good to check the Do's and the Don'ts. As with anything there is the right way of doing things. And off course the wrong way too.  With that said.
Let your inspiration guide you. 

Please share so others can be as inspired as you will be.
If you have any suggestions, comments or queries. Feel free to comment below or contact us.


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