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Sunday, 1 March 2020

Making your own Kombucha tea at home. The health craze that took the world by storm

And finally as promised here is the recipe to make your own Kombucha at home. If this is the first time you are here on this site. Please check the article about what you have to know before making Kombucha if this will be the first time you make it. As it is vital to know the do's and the dont's when making Kombucha. And if you don't have scoby that is needed to make Kombucha. Please check the previous article. It tells how to make your own scoby for Kombucha at home. 

Why would it be considered good to drink Kombucha. Known as the tea that has been fermented with mother of mushroom. Because of the scoby. Because this sweet healthy drink that has lower amounts of sugar. But is also good for gut health. It is filled with Vitamin B, antioxidants and also folic acid. Kombucha tea is also full of probiotics. Among other things. 

How to make Kombucha at home.


  • 3 liters water, boiled. You can use filtered water.
  • 5 tea bags. It can be green tea, rooibos or black tea. The choice is yours.
  • 1 cup Sugar. Raw or white sugar. Again your preference
  • 1 Scoby. Do remember if you don't have scoby the previous article gives you the recipe to make your own home made scoby.
  • 1 cup Kombucha is needed from the previous batch.


Combine the water and sugar in a saucepan. Place it on the stove. Let it simmer on low heat until the sugar is fully dissolved. Remove from the heat. Now add the tea bags and let it cool down for up to an hour. 
Remove the tea bags. Leave the mixture to cool till it reaches room temperature. Now make sure to use a sterilized glass container for the next step. Add the freshly made tea in the container. Add the scoby and the Kombucha tea. Place a dish towel over and make sure to place a rubber band to secure the towel in place. 

Place the freshly made Kombuca in a warm place, but make sure it isn't in direct sunlight. The room should be between 24 to 32 degrees Celsius. Leave the mixture for minimum 10 days. Do not disturb it. Just let it work it's magic. 

Remember that a new baby scoby will develop in this time. It will have a sour taste because the scoby will feed on the sugar that was added. Which is why the sugar is a vital step in making Kombucha. It will be ready when the sour taste is fully developed. Strain the Kombucha. You can use a plastic sieve. or you can use a coffee filter. But do not. I repeat do not use anything metal! 

It is important to leave the scoby and one cup of the Kombucha to start making a new batch Kombucha.  

Please note that when a scoby is forming it will start to look a bit gelatin. If it should start to form mold you should throw it away as it can be harmful. The harmful mold is known as Aspergillus.

With all that said. I hope you will discover why it is becoming one of the most popular health drinks. If you have any questions or have a comment. Feel free to comment below or contact us.


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