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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

This DIY anti-aging collagen face mask fights aging and wrinkles. Also good for blackheads.

Today I want to talk to the ladies about a facial mask that is anti-aging. But also highly effective against the fight against wrinkles. It fills wrinkles. Tried tested and approved. Even for those struggling with blackheads. You will be happy that you tried this face mask. 

Now if you combine that with a home made face and body cream. You will wonder why you ever considered buying store bought face cream. And as the cream can be used for a body lotion you will be happy and amazed. But that article isn't what we will check out now.

Lets talk about collagen for a moment. Even famous brands tells you collagen is vital for your skin. So don't be surprised that this is a collagen facial mask. Combine that with a few other things and you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Gelatin is a source that is filled with collagen. So it will be one of the ingredients. 

Incidentally. Many people who deal with joint pains and arthritis will tell you they add a spoonful of gelatin to their morning coffee. Not sure how it tastes but they say it gives effective relief. But too much can be hazardous for health. So in limited quantities it is excellent for arthritis. So consider the gelatin desserts as part of your lifestyle. There is such a wonderful variety of ways to use it. So do enjoy. Even diabetic friendly versions. And as it is rich in collagen. This way you feed your skin from within too. 

This home made face mask contains 
2 tablespoons gelatin. 
Just enough hot water to dissolve the gelatin.
1 teaspoon honey. I prefer using raw honey.
Teaspoon olive oil.
And last but not least 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

Start by adding the gelatin in your container. 
Add the hot water. Small amount!! 
Stir to dissolve the gelatin. 
Add all other ingredients. The honey, olive oil and the lemon juice. 
Now mix everything together. 

Please note
Please do not apply if it the mixture is hot. The idea is the collagen mixture should be melted for application. Luke warm will be fine and more important. SAFE. 
As you can do this every day or two three times a week. 
Choice is yours. 

Place bottle in hot water if the gelatin mixture needs to melt again. Apply on freshly cleansed face. Leave to dry completely. Peel off the face mask once it is dry. Or rinse it off. The choice is yours. But for blackheads the best option is peeling it off. Apply your favorite moisturizer. 

Or you can consider this wonderful moisturizer that I mentioned earlier. The moisturizer will be mentioned in the next article. Everyone who use it. Swears by the effectiveness of it. Admitting that is the best secret they ever had. But want to share it so everyone can benefit from this. So please keep checking as it will be posted too. But that is the next article. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Please share so others can benefit from it too. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Feel free to comment below or contact us.


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