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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

This DIY hand and body cream is so nutritious for your skin. You will make it again and again.

The previous article I mentioned a wonderful facial cream that you will use again and again. It can even be used as a body cream. But now I want to share another hand and body cream. Especially if you suffer from dry skin. And even if you don't have dry skin. You will love this cream. Because it is highly nutritious for your skin. It also smells wonderful

500 ml aqueous baby lotion
250 ml Vaseline
250 ml Vitamin E cream

Whisk everything together to mix all ingredients well. 
It should look like icing when you are done mixing.
Pour into jars with a lid that can seal.

Use daily.
Morning and night.
Or as needed.

You can make this for yourself or as a gift for someone. The choice is yours. But be sure. They will come back to you for more. As you will also discover how great this hand and body cream is. 

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