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Monday, 24 October 2016

Thyme. Why it is good to add it to your shopping list

We care about eating right. We exercise and drink water. But have you ever considered herbs in your diet? Many will say yes and they will know it is good for health. But many will say no. I admit that I was one of many who said no. Now I realized that it was a mistake as there is many reasons to add herbs to our diet.

With that said let's discuss the benefit of thyme and why it is good to eat drink or use it.
Blood pressure
A study that was done found that when consuming thyme the heart rate decreased. Lowering it. Or another way to lower blood pressure will be to place thyme with salt.

If you suffer from coughing. You can drink some thyme tea. It will even help with sore throat.

Improve immune system
As thyme is filled with vitamin a and c. It is great for improving your body's immunity. Also it is full of nutrients such as zinc copper and fiber

If you are one of the many who suffer from acne then know thyme may be the answer for you.  It works even better than many anti acne products but it is still  being tested but it looks promising as an effective treatment for acne
So consider it as a part of your eating habits and experience for yourself how your life will improve.

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