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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Natural drink to detox as well as improve immune system

Some times we all need to boost and help our bodies
Especially when we know we are not feeling well and our bodies need an immune boost.
Or you want to detox as you can feel you are tired sluggish and slow even to start the day
Change it. Feel energized. Ready to take on the day every day.
Or you are concerned about seasons changing. 
so you can think of it as a precaution.
Also do remember that detox helps with weight loss as it gets rid of toxins in the body

I have found a detox recipe that I hope will work for you
I personally found it makes a big difference for me
Well either way. It is a great way of having a delicious healthy drink that detoxes the body.

2 Apples.
Handful of spinach leaves.
1 Cucumber slice.
1 Slice of lime.
Half a celery stick.
¼ pineapple
¼ avocado
Ice cubes

Mix together in a blender and enjoy it

It is rich in potassium. 
Rich in vitamin C which helps to boost immune system. 
This detox has lots of protein. 
Which helps to replenish the red blood cells and help the white blood cells.

So do think about this detox juice as a nice healthy option.  
If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact us
Please share so others can benefit from it too


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