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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Fixing bad hair dye problem

So you bought the hair dye. Saw yourself in the your mind already.

And ohh you look great. Feel it too.
So you get home and you start. But the end result?
Ohh what happened. Yes it happens to many of us.
Dare I say our best kept secrets?

What ever you do now. Don't go for bleach. Bleaching will damage your hair. And it will remove only some strands of colour. So think how that will look.Yes, it may look even worse. 

If your colour turned out to be to dark. Please note that a lighter colour over it wont help at all.
Buying another dye just wont work
Immediately wash your hair several times.
Condition really well

You can try clarifying shampoo. but it will dry out the hair and fade the colour.
also you can try hair colour remover products. It is milder than bleach and will not affect the hair base colour.
Hope treatment will be be dish washing liquid and baking soda to remove hair colour fast, but its not the healthiest option for your hair. As it strips hair of all natural oils.
After lifting the colour don't forget to hydrate your hair. With a hair mask that replenish moisture that was lost in the process 

Always a good idea to go to a professional and find advice. They know what they are doing.

First I advice to test a colour you don't know. Or never used. It may cause a reaction on your scalp. Be safe. Do the strand test. Keep in mind the colour you have against what you want.
Better to be cautious than to wonder how your hair came out this way. There is always advice given on how your hair may look. Also what colour it is suitable for.


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