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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Keeping your children safe

It is that time of the year. Everything is more excited and lots busier. Festive season around the corner. Shopping and planning started. Everyone feeling more festive. So with that in mind I am writing this post. Yes it is very serious. No mistakes can be allowed. So what am I talking about?

As things get busier we tend to neglect where our kids are. Yes our most precious gifts from God.
It takes a moment to lose them. So my words. Watch them when going somewhere. Hold them close to you. Keep an eye on them. Even when going to places where its very busy and excitement everywhere. 

Be alert. Rather be overprotective and your children is around you, than not realizing the dangers. It always happens to others? Well. Always remember for other people you are the other person. It can happen to you. So always be focused on your kids. Life changed. Rules changed. Dangers has became a reality. This isnt written to make anyone worry. No this is written to help parents and guardians. To be more aware of where your kids are. Creating awareness is very powerful and life changing.

Going somewhere where there is lots of people? Those people you want to protect your kids from. They may be there too. So be mindful of that. I have a saying. It takes one second for life to change. Yes just one second. I some times feel amazed at how neglectful parents can be. I think the right word is unaware. Not neglectful. Most arent aware how quickly things can change. There are so many who watch their kids and it is wonderful. But there is also many that believe nothing bad can happen to them or their kids.

Remember it takes only a second for life to change. Not even more needed. Be aware and teach your children. Todays society changed. Is it wrong to be fully alert when it comes to your children? Especially when they are younger and rely on you to keep them safe. As the parent you are responsible to keep them safe.    

This is something I am very concerned about. That is why I am writing this. 
Please share this so others can see it too.
You never know how it can change someone's life.
If you have any comments thoughts or suggestions.
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