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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ice for beauty

Using ice cubes on skin sounds interesting. Doesn't it? 
But for beauty and skin it is a great benefit. 
So you may be asking what exactly can it do for my skin. 

 It is a very popular way for improved and better looking skin. Using ice cubes refreshes the skin. Works great as a wrinkle defense. Fights acne and heals blemishes. Improves blood circulation which gives a healthy appearance.

Smooth skin.
Using ice on the face makes skin look smoother. Shrinking large pores. How? By unclogging pores that can appear to be large created by excessive sebum and debris on the skin.

Pore primer.
Before thinking of applying make up first it is advised to use ice cubes on your face. The benefits? Minimizing pores that is underneath your make up. The result is that foundation looks flawless and smoother.

Improving circulation.
When using ice cubes on the skin. Blood circulation improves. How? Because of the cooling effect on the skin. Blood vessels constrict. The body reacts by sending warm blood to the area. Which creates improved blood circulation.

Control blemishes.
At the first signs of a pimple use an ice cube. It soothes the skin. Using it every other night till the skin feels a little numb will help to control blemishes. Also it helps to slow inflammation as well as reduce the size of blemishes. 

Other benefits of using ice cubes is that swelling under the eyes are reduced because of the ice.
It can reduce the signs of aging on the skin. Also help to slow the appearance of new wrinkles.

Please note
Using ice cubes it is advised to use gloves. Never use ice directly from the freezer. It can damage your skin. If it feels too uncomfortable stop using ice. Never leave ice on one area of your face for longer than 15 minutes.

Then there is ice for firming breasts naturally.
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You can use ice cubes in a wash cloth. It will give the same benefit. You can use ice cubes infused with green tea, cucumber, lemon, rosewater, chamomile for improved benefits.

I hope you found this article helpful. 
Please share so others know about this wonderful method too


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