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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Why is it good to exfoliate?

What is the benefits of exfoliating? 
When you exfoliate you remove dead skin cells so that the newer cells are revealed. 
The result? 
Your skin looks and feels healthier.
As well as smoother and younger.

 How often should we exfoliate? 
It all depends on your skin type. It is advised the face twice a week. But for sensitive skin twice a week can be too much. Casing skin irritation. For others in warmer climates or those who have a naturally oily skin. Twice a week may not be enough. You may have to exfoliate more. 

For your body it is advised three times every week. It should be enough. But again depending on your skin type. For sensitive skin. It may too much. 

Remember exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells. It should not be that you rub very hard or even too regularly. You don't want to look red and your skin sore. If you over exfoliate you will damage your skin in the process doing more bad than good to your skin. 

If exfolation is too harsh you can combine a body wash and exfoliating scrub together. Never ever overdo it. A few times every week is enough. Too much will irritate your skin.

I hope this article cleared it up.
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